I want to apologize for the lack of pictures on my recent blog posts.  This is due to two major factors:

1.     1.  I dropped my camera and the screen went all funky.  It’s currently back in the US being fixed.  Maybe.

2.     2.  I would love to dash around saving other people’s pictures on my flash drive and post them, but we haven’t had power for two weeks (making laptop use sacred) and when I try to upload pictures onto the blog the internet connection makes me cry.  A woman can only hit ‘retry’ so many times before she becomes violent and weepy.

However, we are on the way to getting internet in the village (huzzah!).  It won’t be fast, but at least I won’t be racing against that damned little clock ticking away as I type.  I will post pictures, even if it takes me all night.  Until then, use your imagination.